Support & Useful Information about Spirulina

Can I start growing Spirulina with Spirulina powder or capsules I bought at a health store?

No, you can’t. To start a Spirulina pool you need live Spirulina.

Where can I obtain live Spirulina?

Live Spirulina can be obtained from a healthy, functional Spirulina growing facility.

There are also a number of algae libraries that sell and send vials of live Spirulina.

How much Spirulina should I consume?

5 grams a day for children, 10 grams a day for adults are enough to make a radical difference in a person's health, more is even better.

How is it best to consume Spirulina?

Spirulina is at its nutritional best fresh, but it can be consumed in its dry form as well.
Spirulina can be incorporated into any food or beverage, preferably cold or at room temperature.

The color of the culture has changed and it has some brown/pink/yellow in it. Is this normal?

No, it is not normal. An extreme color change in your Spirulina culture is an indication that something is wrong. It is advisable to consult with your growing manual or with an experienced Spirulina farmer.

Is a greenhouse necessary?

Yes. A greenhouse is needed to protect the Spirulina from temperatures that are too high or too low as well as from rain, dust and contaminators.

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