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Our Projects

JustSpirulina's activity is elaborate and diverse, and takes place at our center - where the focus is education and R&D; And at our partners' Spirulina growing facilities - where the focus is nutritional and educational.

The JustSpirulina chain of nutrition and solidarity: JustSpirulina has formed partnerships with schools, health centers and NGO's in South Africa, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

JustSpirulina is based at Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Tel Aviv, where students and staff grow and research Spirulina, conduct research, develop technological tools and spread knowledge to students in other schools.

Students and staff research and develop technological tools that will aid Spirulina growing in various conditions.

In addition to bringing Spirulina to communities in need, JustSpirulina is monitoring the effects of Spirulina on malnourished individuals and conducting studies that compare Spirulina and other protocols for treating malnutrition.  

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