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JustSpirulina's Humanitarian Aid

In light of the devastating situation of the Syrian people, many of them suffering from extreme malnutrition, JustSpirulina sent the first of what we hope will be many more - shipment of nutritional support Spirulina bars. The Spirulina bars, custom-made for this purpose, are composed of dates, walnuts, whole sesame seeds and Spirulina (grinded extra fine so that they are suitable for young children).

These bars are a boost of calories and nutrients that are crucial to the recovery and survival of Syrians suffering the atrocities of the 6 year war.  

The first shipment crossed the northern border of Israel into Syria Tuesday November 2nd: 24,000 bars that can sustain 1600 children for 2 weeks on 1 bar a day (or 800 children on 2 bars a day). 

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