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JustSpirulina at
Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium

The concept of JustSpirulina was developed as a result of an assignment in a philosophy class at Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium High School in Tel Aviv.  Dr. Ze’ev Degani, the school’s principal, challenged his students to develop a humanitarian project that would connect to notions of humanism, solidarity, and personal responsibility in a global community.  The class decided to focus on the issue of malnutrition and identified spirulina as a product with huge potential to combat this challenge.


The school supported the students’ efforts by providing a growing lab and supplies to develop the product, as well as science-department staff to oversee the project. The students researched effective and cost-efficient growing methods, and developed an innovative growing protocol and a novel approach to disseminating this knowledge through peer-training.

JustSpirulina students share this knowledge with other schools in Israel, including refugee communities and with schools and NGO's in Palestine, South Africa, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

JustSpirulina brings together professionals and partners all working to manage the overall strategy of the activity, to partner with professional organizations to bring additional resources to the program, and to organize fundraising activities to support the group’s work.  However, the students and the peer-to-peer connections of forming a chain of nutrition continue to be the hallmark of JustSpirulina’s work.

Watch Ze'ev Dagani, JusSpirulina Founder & Chair, giving a speech at The Knesset.

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