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About JustSpirulina

JustSpirulina’s concept, which was originally developed by a group of students from Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium High School in Tel Aviv and their principal, Dr. Ze'ev Degani, uses student-to-student knowledge transfer to disseminate innovative growing methods and provide equipment for its implementation in local communities.

JustSpirulina aims to form a chain of nutrition and solidarity through which every community or individual we work with will gain knowledge, use it to benefit their own well-being, spread it throughout their local community, and then pass it to other communities in need.

JustSpirulina has trained in schools and health centers in South Africa and Rwanda, and is currently working closely with partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Kenya, as well as with schools in Israel and in Palestine.

JustSpirulina is working with leading academic institutions in Israel and in the world, humanitarian aid agencies, and local NGO's and government entities in Africa, to develop cutting-edge initiatives that will broaden the global scale of spirulina growth and consumption.

In JustSpirulina's Research and Development (R&D) Center students and professionals collaborate on developing Spirulina growth strategies using ground-breaking methods, and seek other solutions to combat malnutrition in the developing world. In JustSpirulina's unique technological hub, students and professionals develop technological tools that are custom made to answer the needs of Spirulina farming in challenging environments.

​Watch Maysan, a student participating in our project - giving a speech at The Knesset

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